What is Electrolysis?

electroElectrolysis is a common method of removing unwanted hair permanently. This is done by passing a small, thin needle or metal probe into the opening of the skin where the hair grows down to the root of the hair (the hair follicle). Once the needle/metal probe is inserted, a low level electrical current passes through the needle/metal probe, and this leads in a destruction of the hair follicle, making it impossible for hair to grow out of that follicle again. The procedure can be done on unwanted hairs on any part of the body except hair in the nose or ears.

Is Electrolysis permanent hair removal?

Yes, electrolysis is considered to be a form of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis can be a slow process but very rewarding. It typically requires several treatment sessions to destroy all hairs depending on the density of the hairs.

Does electrolysis have any side effects?

Following the procedure, the skin may be temporarily red, swollen and tender. Pain during the procedure is minimized by the use of a topical anesthetic, there may still be discomfort during the procedure which will feel like little rubber bands snapping against your skin. Electrolysis can cause scaring, keloids and skin discoloration. The risk of these happening are minimized by the skill of the person doing the procedure. We typically commence the use of depigmenting agents and sun protection on the areas to be treated 4 weeks before the procedure to further minimize the risk of skin discoloration.