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Very often, people say ‘If only I could get the skin of my dreams, I’d so cherish it. I would do EVERYTHING to maintain it!’.
Well, guess who is standing between you and that wish….? you of course.

There are habits that have more deleterious effects on your skin than you would realize. Even the world’s best dermatologist may not be able to grant you your skin desires until you work on stopping those habits and picking up new ones. Now let’s get started…

If You’re a Party Lover…

 You might haveDry, cracked, wrinkle-prone skin with puffy bags under your eyes. This is a result of too much alcohol, not enough water and not sleeping well. *Read: Hydration And Your Skin.

Drinking and smoking are known to cause damage to not only your skin but your whole body too. Excessive alcohol intake will dehydrate your skin, causing it to look flaky, dry and dull.
Smoking produces chemicals that can damage your skin and decrease oxygen supply to your cells, a process associated with premature aging.

Secondhand Smoking: Even if you don’t smoke, being around smokers can cause your skin to sag and can speed up the wrinkle process.

If You’re a Workaholic…

You might haveAcne. This could be as a result of holding a phone against your face (notice acne on one cheek more than the other? That’s why!) and stress. Stress causes the surge of hormones that leads to excessive oil production on the skin and then acne.


You’re also prone to:

Skipping Meals: This can cause the skin to age faster and dry out more quickly due to the deficiency of necessary vitamins and nutrients that help the skin stay supple.

Too Much AC: If your cooling unit is mostly on full speed and very low temperatures, you’re stripping the air of the humidity and moisture your skin needs to radiate.

Drinking Too Much Caffeine: This is a major culprit when it comes to dry skin and the magnification of wrinkles.

Sleeping With Makeup On: Falling asleep with your make-up on can lead to clogged pores, which can cause acne. Even if you had no make-up on all day, dirt and impurities would have built up on your skin and would need to be cleansed.

If You have a Sweet Tooth…

Overindulging: Foods that are high in refined sugar, artificial additives and those containing certain unhealthy fats may reflect on your skin as well. When you consume too much sugar, it hurts the collagen nestled in your skin, leaving you with a sag.

unhealthy food

Eating Too Much Sodium: Excess sodium in your diet, especially from that extra sprinkle on your plate can suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry and dull. To avoid this, cut back on salty treats. *Read: Diet And Your Skin.

If you are a sports junkie…

Protect Your face: Make sure to always use a sweatband when you hit the gym so no hair products drip onto your face when you begin to sweat.

Outdoor run: Remember that running outside during Sun peak hours would require the use of protective clothing and broad-spectrum sun protection of SPF 30 and above to avoid sunburn.

The gym towel: Always have an extra towel in your gym bag. After exercising for a couple of hours with a lot of sweating, you may need to reduce the amount of sweat and germs you expose your face and neck to by cleaning with a fresh towel. *Read: Exercise And Your Skin.

Daily Habits

Long, Steamy Showers: While the soothing feel of that water cascading down your body seems like heaven, it actually strips away the outermost layer of the epidermis, which can cause scaly and dry skin. An occasional treat would be preferable if you must indulge.

shower and your skin

Wearing Dirty Sunglasses: Like your regular glasses, don’t forget to wipe your sunglasses clean – nose pads, frame, arms and all. Bacteria that builds up on your glasses can get into the pores around the bridge of your nose and temples, causing breakouts and irritation.

Getting Hair Products on Your Face: Next time you apply hairspray or other hair products, use a clean towel to cover your face to protect your skin.

Forgetting Your Lips: 3-to-5 cellular layers of skin rest upon your lips, so it’s important that your beauty regime includes them too. Look for lip products that contain petrolatum, dimethicone and glycerine to help keep them well hydrated.

Neglecting Your Arms: Since your left arm is exposed to more sun when driving, make sure to use extra sun protection on that side. The same rule applies to those who are riding in the passenger seat with their right arm exposed.

Heavy Makeup: A few days a week, skip makeup altogether and allow your skin to breathe. This will help prevent clogged pores and breakouts while avoiding premature aging.

Dirty Pillowcases: At night your skin gets a chance to rest and shed dead cells. These can build up over time, leaving behind bacteria and toxins on your pillowcases. Make sure you change your pillowcase at least once a week.

The occasional sins

Exfoliating Too Often: Over-exfoliating your skin can strip it of its necessary oils needed to maintain your natural glow. Exfoliate your skin just 1-2 times a week to keep it healthy.

Waxing Too Often: Too much waxing can result in raw skin and increased bumps. Resist running to your waxer at the first sight of new hairs. Give your skin at least three weeks to regenerate, especially in sensitive areas.

Popping Pimples: Picking at the skin will only push dirt and bacteria deeper into your pores, resulting in more breakouts. If you must extract pimples, get it done by a licensed aesthetician. (Don’t know any? we’ve got capable hands at SKiN101 medspa!).

weight loss

Frequent weight gain and loss can cause the fibers in your skin to loosen over time, creating stretch marks and causing it to sag. Maintain a healthy eating routine.

Testing Too Many Products: To avoid a skin nightmare, always patch-test new products (cosmetics, lotions, etc). Choose a small area of your skin away from the face to avoid an unexpected allergic reaction on your face.



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  1. Good day, I really enjoyed this tips, but still need to know the cream or body lotion to use, my skin usually look dry and dehydrated Even though I take enough water. Thank you.

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