Non Surgical Liposuction

Non surgical liposuction may sound like an oxymoron because liposuction is a surgical procedure. However, in this context, non surgical liposuction is simply a marketing term for fat reduction and body contouring without surgery using cooling, heat, lasers, ultrasound or radiofrequency.

A lot of people who are scared of surgeries are always on the lookout for non surgical ways of reducing unwanted fat and tightening skin especially for people with localized fat that has been unresponsive to diet and exercise. Results of these non surgical methods of fat reduction vary depending on the amount of fat, type of machine/technique used, number of sessions done, etc.

Non Surgical Liposuction Methods

  1. Cryolipolysis aka Fat Freezing: This method is popular because of the brand CoolSculpting. It works by placing a roll of fat into two panels that cool the fat to a freezing temperature causing damage to the fat cells. Subsequently, the body naturally eliminates the dead cells resulting in the reduction of fat in the treated areas.
  2. Laser Lipolysis aka Laser Lipo: This method uses light-based technology (targeted laser energy) to heat up and destroy fat cells.
  3. Ultrasound And Radiofrequency: These methods liquefy fat cells through mechanical vibrations. The destroyed fat cells are then carried by the lymphatic system of the body, processed by the liver and excreted. *Read More: Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radiofrequency At Skin101
  4. High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy: This multifunctional method is used for localized fat reduction and body contouring through neuromuscular stimulation and increase of blood flow to the treated areas. Unlike some of the above-listed methods, there is no utilization of heating/cooling, so there is no risk of burns, scars or swelling. This service is also offered at Skin101.

*Some of the above listed non surgical liposuction methods can also be combined for superior results.

Non Surgical Liposuction

Another form of non surgical liposuction exists, Injection Lipolysis also known as Injectable Deoxycholic Acid, however, its use is limited to submental fullness (fat beneath the chin aka double chin). Here’s a before and after of double chin treatment at Skin101 Abuja.

Surgical Vs Non Surgical Liposuction

Surgical LiposuctionNon Surgical Liposuction
an invasive medical procedure that involves cutting, stitching and use of anaesthesia.a non-invasive medical procedure, no cutting, stitching or anaesthesia needed.
must be carried out by a certified and experienced plastic surgeon.Can be carried out by other trained physicians/practitioners.
downtime/recovery time is downtime/recovery time needed.
most people only need to do one procedure to see results.multiple consistent sessions are needed to see results.
can produce immediate dramatic results however due to swellings, final results are seen within one to three months after surgery.does not produce immediate dramatic results. The actual fat reduction takes place over the course of weeks or months.
effective in people who need large sections of fat removed.not effective in people who need large sections of fat removed.

Common Side Effects Of Non Surgical Liposuction Methods

  • pain, stinging, or aching at the treated site. 
  • tugging sensation at the treated site.
  • temporary redness, swelling and skin sensitivity at the treated site.
  • bruising or skin discoloration at the treated site.
  • burning under the skin (in case of laser lipo)

 A very rare but serious side effect of non surgical liposuction is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. Instead of treated fat cells to die, shrink or melt away, they get bigger. While this isn’t dangerous, it’s a serious cosmetic concern and traditional liposuction would be necessary to treat this condition.

Who Should Avoid Non Surgical Liposuction Methods?

You should avoid Cryolipolysis aka Fat Freezing if you have any of these disorders – paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria, cryoglobulinemia and cold agglutinin disease. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have:

  • a clotting disorder
  • a pacemaker or defibrillator
  • poor circulation in or around the treatment area
  • numbness or lack of feeling in the skin
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • scar tissue in the treatment area
  • skin conditions like rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc.
  • cold urticaria
  • a current or past hernia in or near the treatment area
  • infected or open wounds
  • a neuropathic condition (diabetic neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia)

The above list is similar for the other methods. It’s important to have an in-depth discussion with your provider before your procedure.

At Skin101, we offer both surgical liposuction and non surgical liposuction, body contouring and skin tightening services. Whichever procedure is suitable for you, we are always ready to help! Just give us a call on 09086000001!

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  1. Hello Atinuke, HIFU, HIFEM for abdomen only costs 40,000 naira each per session, up to 10 twice-weekly sessions may be required to get desired results if not combined with any other treatment for HIFU only and 6 treatments within 3 weeks for HIFEM only. After your assessment, the right option for your desired result would be decided or the combination of HIFU and HIFEM.

  2. 1. How much does it cost for the High intensity focused electromagnetic energy Liposuction ?…..
    I would like to remove my stomach fat.

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