Dr. Chito is a registered and licensed medical doctor of the Nigerian Medical Association, with advanced training in Aesthetic Medicine. She received her medical degree from Madonna University.

She is the Manager Medical Services in SKiN101, a dedicated Aesthetic Physician leading a team of excellence-driven and patient-centric medical professionals.

Specializing in the management of various Dermatological, Medical, and Surgical Aesthetic problems, Dr. Chito seamlessly merges the principles of skin health with natural-looking beauty treatments. Her artistic approach ensures that each patient’s unique features are enhanced, fostering a sense of confidence and authenticity.

Driven by an unwavering interest in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Chito actively pursues professional training to stay at the forefront of recent innovations in the industry. This dedication guarantees that her clients receive the most advanced and effective treatments available.

She shares her expertise as an Educator at the Beauty Therapy Institute, Abuja, Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, West Africa and DERMAPRO Medical Aesthetic & Skin Training Institute, where she plays an integral role in building upcoming generations of skin health professionals.

With Dr. Chito as your partner, you can trust that your skin health journey is in safe hands.
Her compassionate and personalized approach ensures that each patient receives tailored treatment plans that will radiate their beauty and confidence from the inside out!

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Dr. Chito Nwigene

  • Aesthetic Doctor