What Is Hair Transplant?

It is a type of surgery whereby resistant hairs (behind the head) are extracted and implanted in bare/bald parts.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

As the name implies, hair is transplanted from existing hair follicles to areas that have less hair growth where it continues to grow naturally.

There are two types of hair transplant techniques: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which is also called Follicular Unit Strip surgery (FUSS).

SKIN101 exclusively performs manual FUE procedures.

Is Everyone With Baldness Eligible For Hair Transplant?

Unfortunately, hair restoration is not for everyone. At this time, SKIN101 does not offer hair restoration procedures to:

  • people under the age of 25,
  • people who have poor-quality follicles
  • people with low density in the donor area.
  • people who form keloid scars after injury or surgery
  • people whose hair loss is due to medication such as chemotherapy

Why Is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) The Right Option For Me?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplant method in which a physician will move individual hair follicles by hand and implant them into thinning and balding sections of the scalp to create natural-looking results.

The manual FUE hair restoration technique is generally regarded as one of the most effective hair transplantation methods. By moving individual hair follicles by hand, the physician is able to create highly personalized, dense, natural-looking results.

For individuals that desire a more permanent and customizable hair growth solution, a FUE restoration procedure is the best option.

Hair Transplant Abuja Nigeria

When Will I See Results From Hair Transplant?

Most individuals start to see results within 6-9 months of their hair restoration procedure, though results may vary for individuals. For some, it can take up to 12 months to see full results, others may see new hair growth within 3-4 months of their procedure.

What Is The Recovery Process For A Hair Transplant Like?

Hair transplant is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can expect to go home the same day of your procedure. Your physician will prescribe any necessary medications (like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication and pain medications) to aid in your recovery process.

In the days following the procedure, you may experience soreness and discomfort at the transplant site as well as the area where your hair follicles were recovered from. Your physician may recommend aftercare tips for the days following your procedure, such as guidance around washing your hair, exercise and how to care for your scalp.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

FUE procedures performed by SKIN101 are a permanent solution to hair loss. Some individuals may require additional touch-up procedures to maintain desired results over time. Following your procedure, SKIN101 will support you with a post-procedure treatment plan, designed to support long-term results.