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Gashee™ Botanical Hair Pomade

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Dr.UGro Gashee botanical hair pomade is dermatologist formulated, tested and approved. It is the WORLD’S FIRST all-natural, drug-free, cold-processed, off-shelf, hair pomade! It is free of petroleum or harmful synthetic chemicals. 

Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Pomade is the first natural pomade to serve the dual role of a hair stylant / mousse and gellant while unleashing hair-benefiting plant ingredients that nourish, rejuvenate, moisturize, condition, repair, stimulate and boost your growing hair. 

Dr.UGro Gashee botanical hair pomade is ideal for shorter hairstyles and untamed thin or weak hairs in the headband (edges) zone of the scalp

Choose from two of your preferred minty aromas

Cool Spice (Citrusy)

Mane Musk (Musky)

Both are infused with the same amounts of phytoactive ingredients and have identical hair activity.

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Made with herbal extracts and oils through a completely cold formulation process, Dr. U Gro Gashee Botanical Hair Pomade is dermatologist formulated, tested and approved.

DrU Gro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Pomade is ideal for taming fine, unruly strands (curls) in the margins or edges of hairlines and temples (“headband area’). It has been formulated to condition, nourish and stimulate growing hair and to moisturize dry scalp. It can be used as a petroleum-free natural hair styling pomade. It is also recommended for individuals with short or closely cropped hair cuts. 

As a Hair booster: Dr.UGro Gashee Botanical Hair Pomade is choked full of phytoactive ingredients that attack hair health issues at multiple points. Gashee was formulated with the understanding that a holistic approach that recognizes that multiple factors are responsible for deteriorating hair health. 

As a Hair Styllant or Gellant: Dr. U Gro Botanical Hair Pomade offers a firm hold while helping the hair achieve a natural-looking softness and sheen! Dr.U Gro Edge is ideal for shorter hairstyles and untamed thin or weak hairs in the headband (edges) zone of the scalp. Made for holding, styling and maintaining the health of your follicles and hair, Dr.UGro Edge is a versatile, high quality and consciously created product that you will surely make a part of your hair grooming lifestyle.

As a weekly Hair Mask treatment,  Dr. UGro Botanical hair pomade immediately conditions your hair for repair of frayed, brittle cuticles and split ends. The immediate result is silkier hair that mounts in length as a result of less breakage. Recommended as a weekly regimen for repair of chemically damaged hair

Visit our Ingredient page to know why Dr.UGro Gashee is your unique one-stop nature’s solution to your hair health issues

NO: Parabens, Petroleum Products; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Synthetic Fragrance/Colors; Animal Ingredients or Testing; Phthalates 

YES: Recyclable; Vegetarian – Vegan; Renewable resources; Cruelty-free; Biodegradable Ingredients


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