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If you have acne or an acne prone skin, being particular about the kind of facial treatment you would be having is not out of place. As a matter of fact it is very necessary. There are several reasons why it is always advised to have a professional therapist recommend a suitable facial for you after an initial skin analysis. People pay whatever amount is requested of them before getting a treatment because they believe they will coming out looking way better- like a million bucks.

Sadly, people still pay heavily for this service and come out looking the direct opposite: with redness, several forms of irritations, itching and all sorts. If you have acne or acne prone skin, it is advised you not only have an acne facial done but also make sure your treatment is performed by a professional in the best condition.

First off, we hope you know picking or popping your pimples can worsen the condition of your acne. When you pop or pick, you infuse bacteria into the skin causing more infection. In as much as this habit can be fulfilling, if you can that take the decision to take your hands off your face always, you would definitely see a remarkable difference.

How does a medical grade acne facial work?

Nowadays, it’s easy to get a facial treatment steps off the internet but the fact is a proper facial cannot be mimicked at home especially medical grade facials. When you have a medical grade acne facial at the Skin101 medspa, your face will be carefully steamed to open up your pores, extractions of open comedones and exfoliation of dead skin cells to reveal healthier skin. A detoxifying mask will be applied on your face to help balance sebum production in order to prevent clogged pores, moisturization with the hydrating and soothing moisturizer and protection from UV rays using our 101 clinical skincare sun protection products. In other words, you will be getting the complete treatment you need. After your treatment, the aesthetician will also give you some advice for continuous management at home and this will include products as well.

Acne facials are good and highly recommended but it is also very important to know that results happen gradually. You should not expect to see perfection after having just one treatment.  It will require a series of treatments, patience and dedication to the ideal skincare routine at home.

Speaking about results, there are some acne cases that wouldn’t be completely treated by just having an acne facial. You would be required to see a dermatologist for proper analysis and treatment. Most times, this facial is  recommended by the dermatologist as an adjunct to a proper acne treatment since it allows for complete and proper cleansing of the skin. You are probably wondering; how then would an aesthetician know when to refer you for proper treatment? Again, this is another reason why having your treatment with a professional is very necessary. A professional aesthetician can recognize the cases that would need a consultation with the dermatologist while having a skin analysis.

To get the medical grade acne facial, you can book an appointment here and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours. However, if you need immediate response you can call us on 09086000001

4 comments on “Medical Grade Facials for Acne – How does it work?

  1. You’ll need a consultation where proper history will be taken and your skin examined before the best course of treatment for your hyperpigmentation can be ascertained.

  2. Hello Chiamaka, Acne doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all cure, you’ll have to come into the clinic for a consultation and after that, an appropriate course of treatment will be recommended by the Doctors.

  3. Please I have acne which has disturbed me and I’ve lost my confidence because it. Please what process is needed to cure it completely and how much is it?

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