How to take care of dry skin during harmattan in nigeria

Taking care of dry skin during harmattan could be challenging especially with the extra dryness that comes with the harmattan period. The skin looks dry, whitish or ashy and sometimes flaky when not properly taken care of. 

People dread the dry season and harmattan because of the dryness and extra care required, especially those with dry skin type and occupations that keep them outdoors for long hours. Humidity drop during harmattan in Nigeria results in a drastic reduction of moisture levels. This is what causes dry skin during harmattan and worsening for people with dry skin type. 

However, taking care of dry skin during harmattan could be a walk in the park when necessary lifestyle and habit modifications are made and the right products are used.

Care of dry skin during harmattan in nigeria

Tips On Taking Care Of Dry Skin During Harmattan

1Do not have hot baths. Especially the long baths! Hot water and long baths strip the skin of moisture. Limit bath time to 5 to 10 minutes and use warm water instead of hot or very hot water.

2Do not use very soapy cleansing products. Non-soap based cleansers are preferred as soap strips your skin of moisture. Soap products are made from natural surfactant ingredients that could be harsh on the skin while non-soap products are typically made from synthetic surfactant ingredients which are milder. 

Examples of non-soap cleansers – Nutralift Glycolic Non Soap Cleanser and Herbal Non Soap Moisturizing Cleansing Gel.

3Avoid the use of sponges. Wet your skin, rub on the cleansing agent, massage properly with your bare hands and rinse off. Do not wait for your skin to dry completely before using your moisturizer. Damp skin absorbs products more readily.

4. Choose moisturizers with humectant and occlusive properties. Humectants draw moisture to the skin while occlusives seal moisture. Examples of humectants are hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, glycerin, urea. The 101 Clinical Skincare Hydrating & Soothing Moisturizer contains glycerin and squalane and it is suitable for both face and body.

Examples of occlusives are petrolatum, regular oils, mineral oil, etc. The Nutralift Radiance Rejuvenating Oil contains a blend of 41 non comedogenic oils with additional antioxidant and anti-aging benefits.

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5. Seek professional help. It is important to note that dry skin could also be caused by other underlying health conditions and aggravated by harmattan. The type of products used when there is an underlying condition play a vital role and you don’t want to use wrong combinations that could further dry or irritate the skin.

Try the above harmattan skin care tips and experience the best version of your skin.

Other Causes Of Dry Skin

  • Aging
  • Frequent washing of skin, hand-washing and sanitizing
  • Side effect of medications, for example, Isotretinoin used for treating severe acne.
  • Dry cold air, for example, winter and airconditioned rooms
  • Dermatitis
  • Diabetes

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