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Cysteamine has been used in cosmetics as a hair-straightening agent, hair-waving agent and antioxidant. In this, we would be focusing on Cysteamine Hydrochloride in skincare.

What Is Cysteamine Hydrochloride?

 It is a metabolite of L-cysteine that inhibits melanin synthesis reducing hyperpigmentation on the skin. Cysteamine is naturally present in our skin cells and breast milk.

How Does Cysteamine Hydrochloride In Skincare Reduce Hyperpigmentation?

Cysteamine Hydrochloride reduces hyperpigmentation by;
– increasing intracellular glutathione.
– inhibiting tyrosinase and peroxidase
– removing dopa quinone
– chelating iron and copper ions

Who Should Use Cysteamine Hydrochloride?

 Cysteamine is safe for all skin types. Anyone looking for a skin-lightening agent that is hydroquinone-free for the treatment of hyperpigmentation disorders such as melasma and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation can use cysteamine.

Who Should Not Use Cysteamine Hydrochloride?

Anyone with a personal or family history of depigmenting disorders such as vitiligo.

Does Cysteamine Have Side Effects And Risks?

Cysteamine can be used at any time of the year regardless of the intensity of sunlight. Temporary warmth or burning sensation and redness that clears within 30 minutes can happen after application.
Dryness of the skin can occur and this can be relieved with the application of an emollient.
It is slow-acting and requires usage of up to 16 weeks for optimal results to be seen. Initial darkening of the skin may occur with use.

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