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Truth be told, facials could go wrong sometimes especially when you miss out the important part of having a professional therapist examine your skin before your spa session. To get the best results from a facial treatment, there are rules to it and that’s a part of what we will be discussing in this article.

People consider having a facial for different reasons; whether it’s just for the feeling of being pampered after a stressful week, getting rid of those horrible blackheads or the desire to have a brighter look on the face, these needs are all valid and must be met.

While a lot of ladies can swear to the remarkable benefits of having a facial, some others think otherwise as they have had their fair share of facials gone wrong. It can be really sad and frustrating to spend a fortune trying to look better and then it turns the other way round.

Ayo’s experience was one that not only taught her a lesson but everyone else around her because she just wouldn’t stop telling her story. Ayo had a late invite to a friend’s wedding in the eastern part of Nigeria and that meant she had less than a week to get herself ready. She planned on having a facial but was too busy to get one as she had a very hectic week. Like anyone else would think, she decided to wait until she got to the wedding destination. When she got there, she immediately started the search for a spa close-by and luckily enough she found one.  She got in and started her facial treatment in no time. The therapist was very nice and the atmosphere, serene. Ayo couldn’t have been any happier. She felt like she got value for her money and at the end of the session, she gave the therapist a huge tip on her way out. When she woke up the next day to start preparations for the wedding she couldn’t believe what  she saw in the mirror. She had rashes all over her face. What must have gone wrong? The spa session was amazing. Can you guess what happened? She missed an important part of her spa session. She didn’t have a proper consultation beforehand and the therapist obviously tried whatever she felt suited her without paying attention to her skin type and concerns. Luckily for her, she was able to hide the rashes behind a mountain of makeup. Aren’t we ladies just lucky to have make up Lol….

Just like Ayo, we have made this same mistake over and over again. If nothing happened, then I’ll say you have just being lucky. To get the best from a facial, you need to have a proper consultation.  This is why at Skin 101, we never go through any treatment without first having your skin checked. The reason being it helps us to get to know your skin type and also check for existing skin conditions and of course helps us decide the best facial for you.

It’s possible you may have never tried having a facial and as a matter of fact, you are reading this article to make up your mind. We know that feeling of and we got you. We will love to tell you a lot more about the benefits of having a facial



  1. A brighter look on your face: As we age, the ability of our skin to replace dead cells decline, hence making the face look dull. As a result of this, you will agree with me that we definitely need extra help in making this happen. A facial helps in clearing off these dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and fresher look. If this sounds like what you would  want, then you should definitely give it a try.


The amazing effect of the Skin 101 signature Luminous brightening facial

2. It improves circulation: A facial will naturally improve the flow of oxygen-rich blood, water and other nutrients to the skin layers. You may be wondering why this is so important, I’ll tell you why. Those evident wrinkles and dry look on the face you see most times happen as a result of poor circulation.

3. Gets rid of blackheads: I know you can totally relate with the struggles of having to deal with  blackheads. They are horrible looking, gives your face a rough look and even though you have read a thousand  articles where you are advised not to pick them because it worsens it, you can’t just help it. Getting regular facial takes this stress off your shoulders and also prevents … . Sounds good right?

4. Your face get cleansed of dirt: Isn’t it funny how we take our bath regularly and use all the beauty products for a fresher look but still have to deal with dirt’s on our faces. Bathing sure helps but there are just some dirts on the face that will only leave with a professional touch . If you want a bright and glowing skin clear of dirts, you need to consider having regular facials.

5.It helps you with anti-aging: Can we really stop the aging process? Maybe not but we can definitely slow it down. Did you see the photo of Vanessa Bells at age 60? (You’ll find it below) We were so stunned we had to share on our social media pages. This right here is  what self-care can do . Maybe not with facials only but it definitely has to be part of it.

Vanessa bell at the time when she acted in the movie; Coming to America and her present look at age 60.
Vanessa bell at the time when she acted in the movie; Coming to America and her present look at age 60.

Regular facials are very necessary for a glowing skin and should be part of your beauty routine. You can book an appointment at our Med-spa for medical grade facials using the button below. Our aestheticians will be glad to help you improve your facial appearance.

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