The 5 Products Every Acne-Prone Skin Should Have In Their Routine

In this post, we will be discussing five types of products every acne-prone skin routine should have because acne is one of the commonest skin conditions in the world and while it cannot be cured, it can be treated and managed. A well-curated skincare routine targeted at managing your skin in the comfort of your home may be all you need to keep your acne under control.

No two acne cases are the same. However, when it comes to managing acne, there are important ingredients/products you must have in your routine.


Every Skincare Routine For Acne Should Have:

  1. Antibacterial Agent
  2. Exfoliating Agent
  3. Sun Protection
  4. Depigmenting Agent
  5. Moisturizer

Anti-bacterial Agent

This could be in form of a face wash like the 101 Oxygen Acne Wash 5% or a leave-in gel like the 101 Oxygen Acne 2.5% Gel or a toner like the Nutralift Silver Toner or a lotion like the Nutralift Acne Defense Lotion.

Using an antibacterial agent ensures bacteria that contributes to acne is kept in check. Sometimes, this antibacterial agent could be a prescription oral antibacterial agent such as Doxycycline or even a combination of topical and oral antibacterial agents.

If you’ve been battling with acne and nothing seems to work, consult a medical professional to ascertain the best options for your type of acne and map out a treatment plan.

Exfoliating Agent

This could be a face wash with a combination of an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) such as the 101 Hydroxy Acne Wash 5/2 or exfoliating pads with the same combinations such as the 101 Hydroxy Cleansing Pads.

Proper exfoliation ensures you get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores and contribute to acne. However, If you prefer a bit of texture in your exfoliant, you can try the 101 Brightening Micro-beaded Polish.

101 Clinical Skincare Brightening Micro-beaded polish

Sun Protection

This is very important in every skincare routine as you already know. In acne-prone skin, especially in darker skin tones, sun protection could help keep your skin more even and prevent darker spots especially for those tempted to pick their skin when treating acne.

Check out our range of sun protection products.

Depigmenting Product

Almost every form of inflammation or disturbance to the integrity of the skin is followed by hyperpigmentation. This is the same for acne. It’s important to clear acne and also important to consider the spots that would be left behind.

Exfoliants like AHAs help with skin tone and hyperpigmentation. However, depending on the intensity of the pigmentation, you may need to add another product that inhibits the activity of the melanocytes. Example of a depigmenting product for face is the Nutralift Dark Spot Fade Gel and for body, the Nutralift Brite and Lite Lotion.


Most people with acne-prone skin, especially those with oily skin shy away from moisturizers. The truth is, every skin type requires a moisturizer, however, a person with oily skin type can choose lightweight moisturizers.

Also, it’s important to moisturize especially when using antibacterial products, chemical exfoliants or a retinol product to restore your skin’s balance as some acne-fighting ingredients could make the skin a bit drier than usual.

A good acne-targeting moisturizer is the Nutralift Acne Defense Lotion.

Read more about Acne in this post. Feel free to contact us if you need help managing your acne or putting together products in your acne-prone skin routine.

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