About Dermapro Skincare

At Skin101 we don’t have a passion for skincare, we have an EXTRAORDINARY passion for HEALTHY skincare!

At our clinic, we come across a lot of patients that purchase skincare products based on fancy packaging and recommendations from friends and family, which are normally not very helpful. What should guide your skincare product purchase are the following questions;

  1. What does this product contain?
  2. What exact benefits will it offer my skin?
  3. What will be its effect on my skin after 5, 10, 15 years of use?

DERMAPRO® Skincare was conceptualized to answer these questions for you, making you more discerning and less likely to waste time, money and harm your skin or yourself. What we are achieving with the DERMAPRO® Skincare brand is 2-fold; firstly providing a platform through which we are passing on proper education and enlightenment concerning skin health in skin of color- thereby helping YOU change the way you perceive and treat your skin. Secondly providing quality, effective medical-grade products formulated specially for skin of color.

DERMAPRO® Skincare is a revolutionary line of skin products expertly developed by a fine team of chemists and skin specialists, with the desire to provide care for mature skin of color. Our products are user friendly and can be used even in the harshest tropical weather yet providing gentle, safe and effective care targeted at problems of pigmentation and premature aging.

DERMAPRO® Skincare products are made with the finest and best quality botanical ingredients. Ingredients we are transparent about, that are as close to nature as possible. Ingredients that are safe, effective, kind and will truly help your skin, yielding superior aesthetic results of soft, blemish-free skin..

At DERMAPRO® Skincare we understand YOUR skin, and we want YOU to understand YOUR skin too.

The core of the DERMAPRO® Skincare philosophy is skin health education for skin of color to assist you in making more informed decisions concerning your skincare options, and the provision of skincare products that will help you achieve the healthy glowing skin that you want and deserve.

There is no expertly formulated skincare line for skin of color that will deliver what DERMAPRO® will for your skin! Safely!

The DERMAPRO® Skincare promise

skinpinThe man and woman of color desires what everyone else desires for their skin; healthy, flawless and glowing skin. Our range of products have been specially formulated with the most potent botanical ingredients, no unnecessary additives or fillers all in a quest to bring you a fine skin product that will deliver unmatched results. Healthy, beautiful skin is our promise, and healthy, beautiful skin is what DERMAPRO® Skincare will deliver.

The DERMAPRO® Science

The skin is the largest organ of the body composed of 3 layers that not only serve cosmetic purposes but also help regulate our body temperature, provide mechanical protection against environmental factors, retain moisture, while also absorbing and producing certain vitamins and lipids that all work together to keep us healthy. Our quest for skin health at DERMAPRO® is not just for cosmetic purposes but for an overall healthier YOU.

As we get older, especially with skin of color, our skin becomes duller because we shed old skin cells at a slower rate, we get darker because of exposure to the sun rays (worse for those living in the tropics), our skin starts to sag and wrinkle because we produce less collagen and elastin and it becomes dry and dehydrated because we produce less lipids/oils. All these can be prevented and minimized, which is the reason behind DERMAPRO® Skincare.

The DERMAPRO®Skincare range of products have looked at skincare at a cellular level. Formulating products that will speed up the dead skin shedding process, lighten and brighten skin safely by exfoliation and inhibition of melanogenesis while providing great sun protection, stimulating collagen and elastin production, replenishing skin lipids/oils and proteins, all in user friendly mediums and maintaining the healthy pH of the skin. Our product range contain high quality and potent alpha hydroxyl acids, beta hydroxyl acids, vitamins, minerals, safe actives and botanical oil based and non-oil based moisturizers giving you excellent results that only a medical grade product can give.

Embrace healthy, science based skincare that is close to nature with DERMAPRO® Skincare.


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