Injection Lipolysis - Double Chin Removal

Double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin….

forehead wrinkle botox before and after

Diamonds were a girl’s best friend, then Botox happened. When it comes to you face,…

Under Eye Bags Treatment eye bag removal

The eyes are the windows to your soul, don’t let eye bags distort your own…

liquid rhinoplasty 15 minutes nose job

Did you know dermal fillers and botox can be used to change/enhance the shape of…

long battle with acne nigeria

This patient has had a long battle with acne. She was managed with Medical grade…

painless and bloodless skin tag removal

This was a painless and bloodless skin tag removal. 5 minutes after electrocautery.

This patient had electrocautery for her Dermatosis Papulose Nigrans. This was 2 weeks after. Note…

This patient had steroid acne, a variant of acne that can be tricky to manage….

This patient has had a long history of the inflammatory type of acne which left…

White Stretch marks treatment

These are white colored stretch marks after carboxytherapy and microneedling. Stretch marks are very difficult…

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