Excellent communication, knowledgeable staff, seamless flow from coming in to the clinic till I left and minimal pain during and after procedure.The customer care was excellent, service was awesome.
Aisha Ibrahim – Lagos
‎I would like to share my great experience with Dr. Hilda Titiloye ‎. She is just a phenomenal person and doctor. Her personal care and communication skills are outstanding. She explained everything in great details. She makes herself available and accessible beyond her working hours. She is a wonderful person with a kind and caring heart. She has made life better!
Johnson Dully – Abuja
My first encounter with Skin 101 was as an emergency event. I was thankful that such a professional and clinically sound skincare centre was so well trained and “cutting edge” in their interventions. They literally saved my face
Elizabeth Maurice – Kaduna
It was very easy to book an appointment, it was also easy to locate the facility, and the front office / reception were welcoming, pleasant and helpful. I was satisfied with the service and care provided by the medical staff. I will recommend SKIN101 to my family and friends.
Grace – Abuja
It was easy to locate the clinic and the reception was extremely pleasant, a welcoming experience. I am already seeing results so I am hopeful for a positive outcome.
Akunna – Abuja
I used my GPS to locate the place because they are on Google maps. I loved the clean ambiance.
Valerie – Kaduna
Making the appointment was effortless. I am absolutely recommending it to family and friends. It's satisfactory and a place to be
Cynthia – Abuja
The Doctor was pleasant and service was nice. I loved the serene environment, warm staff and prompt service. Positive all through, Keep it up.
Nky – Abuja
Skin101 is very white, neat and professional, the reception was very welcoming. I love it.‎
‎Boluwajoko and family- Abuja
Locating the place is a bit difficult if one doesn't pay attention to the street signs. The welcome more than made up for it, it was very nice.
Amina – Abuja
They are truly just a call away and customer service is A Plus.
Anonymous – Abuja
I am very glad I went there, already seeing great improvement on my face. Skin 101 is an awesome and welcoming place too.
Eno – Abuja
The front desk was extremely helpful and nice.The Doctor was very pleasant and eased my fears. I cannot wait to see the finished result of the process.
Halima – Kaduna
The address is on Google maps so it was not difficult to locate, felt like I was not in Nigeria. They seem really caring and concerned.
Joy – Abuja
I am greatly satisfied with the quality of treatment, atmosphere, consultation and care.
Kehinde – Abuja
I am satisfied with the total care and service. I am seeing improvements and correction already. Thank you.
Stephanie – Abuja/Kaduna
I heard about you on Instagram, making an appointment was very easy, your Front Office was very welcoming and pleasant. I fell in love with your Clinic from the very first day. The doctors always make one feel like a celebrity. The Customer Service Officer/Staff are just awesome. I will totally recommend Skin101 to family and friends. Continue with your warm and friendly nature.
I was referred by a friend, making an appointment was very easy. The Customer Service was good. I will continue to recommend you to family and friends.
I saw Skin101 on Google. Booking an appointment was a breeze. The Front Office was very welcoming. Continue to give the Quality Service you are known for. I will tell the whole world about Skin101. You are just amazing.
Making Appointment was very easy and nice. The Customer Service Officer was friendly. You have a clean environment, keep it up.
I found Skin101 through a search engine. I love your professionalism. Keep it up!
Navigating your website and making an appointment was very easy. The Customer Service Officer was Extremely Pleasant. I will recommend Skin101 to family and friends.
Booking an Appointment and locating the Facility was very easy. I got a satisfactory Service.
I heard about you on Instagram, booking an appointment was so easy. You have a wonderful reception. You guys performed a miracle for me, came in July with a bad face and ended the year with lovely skin. My skin has now found a home to come to. I will always recommend you to everyone with bad skin.
More grease to your elbows. Keep up the good work and the standard, even though you don’t come cheap.
I saw your advert on Facebook. Booking an Appointment was very easy with just a call. You have the best reception and staff. Thank you for giving me back my confidence. You are simply the best I must say.
Making an Appointment was very easy. The front office was pleasant and helpful. I will definitely tell family and friend about you.
Booking an Appointment was easy with just a call. I received great service from the doctors. I will definitely recommend Skin101 to family and friends.

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