Before and after Roaccutane(Oral treatment for acne) for 3 months. Anti-acne topical medication didnโ€™t produce much results in this patient.


This patient had a long history with acne and itโ€™s aftermath of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. She was managed over a course of 6 months with topical preparations and chemical peels.


Very complaint patient, managed over a course of 5 months to achieve these results. In addition to anti-acne and depigmenting creams and washes, she had several chemical peels and hydra dermabrasions.


Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (commonly called sunburn) .Before and after 2 weeks of treatment with medical grade depigmenting creams. Patient had used several over the counter lightening products for years with no improvement.


Before and after immediate removal of a benign growth (Pyogenic granuloma) using electrocautery. Black crust in after picture will fall off within 2 weeks leaving very little or no scarring.


Before and after dermal fillers to the nasolabial folds. Notice the flattening and youthfulness of the lower half of the face in the after picture.


Before and after 6 weeks of removing Dermatosis Papulosa nigrans moles (DPN)